Tips for Caring for Motorcycle Tires to Last

 For some motorized vehicle owners, of course, taking care of every component on a two-wheeled vehicle is one aspect that you must pay attention to.

Not without reason, considering that from the comfort side, of course, taking care of the motorbike with the right steps will definitely make the motorbike more durable and certainly not easily damaged.

Regarding component maintenance, one of the most important components of a motorcycle is a component in the form of motorcycle tires.

The reason is, the motorcycle tire itself has a function as a rim coating which will also be used as a poultice when the motorcycle is running. So, can pass through various terrain roads.

To Make Motorcycle Tires Durable

From some of these problems, one of the obstacles that are quite risky from motorcycle tires themselves are users often complain about tires that wear out quickly or are easy to deflate and leak.

This condition can actually be prevented or suppressed by applying various simple treatment steps that are simpler.

Of course this becomes the easier part than having to repair or replace a damaged tire.

Well, in this aspect, Mas Sena himself will share tips on how to apply them correctly so that motorcycle tires are durable and not easily leak or deflate.

As a motor vehicle owner, taking care of motorcycle tires is not just adding air. However, there are several aspects that need to be done so that the tires are always in top condition. Here are the steps you can take. Among others, as reviewed below.

Motorcycle Tire Maintenance

Cleaning Tires Regularly

First, the thing that really needs to be done so that motorcycle tires are always durable and prime is to regularly clean their own motorcycle tires.

In practice, cleaning motorcycle tires can be done together with washing motorcycles. Be sure to rinse the gap between the wheel and the motorcycle tire with water to avoid dust or dirt.

In addition, try to always clean up some small stones or gravel that can get stuck in between the grooves of the motorcycle tires.

Because, it is possible that small pebbles that often stick to striated motorcycle tires have the potential to cause the motor to leak. Especially if the gravel has sharp corners.

Thus, it is clear that the condition of motorcycle tires that are always kept clean will increase the chances of their durability.

In addition, you also have to regularly check the air pressure on the motorcycle tires themselves as one of the mandatory maintenance so that the tires are durable and not easy to leak.

You need to know that checking tire pressure regularly is important so that we can find out whether the tire is flat or not, the tire is flat or not, immediately add tire air, and don't force the motorbike when the tire is flat. flat. flat.


Not without reason, considering that in this case the tires will have a greater chance of leaking, balding quickly, and even cracking.

In addition, you must also be careful not to apply too much pressure to inflate the tire because there is a risk of exploding or exploding. So when filling the tires, you should first check the condition of the tires.

On the other hand, you can also use nitrogen gas instead of regular wind. Because nitrogen has a more even pressure than ordinary air when it enters the tire area.

That way, it is clear that the outer surface of the tire will be flatter and have flexible pressure so that it is not easy to leak or deflate. In fact, when the road in hot conditions because of the heat of the day though.

This is a maintenance that must be considered by every user so that the motorcycle tires used are not easily leaked.