How to Solve TV Remote Button Not Working

It is very annoying when we want to change our favorite television channel whose name is difficult because of the unfriendly distance. The remote must be pressed harder for the buttons to work and to change television channels. Even though the battery has been replaced with a new one, the button is still hard to press. There are even some buttons that cannot be pressed at all.

This can happen due to several factors, try checking the battery first, whether the battery is still worth using or has run out. If you are sure the battery is still good and working, you can try the following tutorial below. This tutorial is only a first step before claiming that there is damage to the IR (Infrared) led or something else.

On this occasion Electro Update would like to share tips on How to Overcome the Missing TV Remote Button. so for those of you who have the above problems, don't rush to buy a new remote or take it to the service center

How to Overcome Unnecessary TV Remote Buttons

Immediately, we discuss the method above, the first thing that needs to be prepared is:


1. Troublesome TV remote (execution material)

2. Pencil Eraser

Steps to clean Remote

1. Open remote case (dismantle remote control)

2. If the PCB is far or dirty, first clean it using a tissue or dry cloth.

3. After the oil and dirt are cleaned, take a pencil eraser and rub it on the buttons on the PCB until you are sure it is clean.

4 Done. Put back the remote case (remote body) and please try it on your tv, and don't forget to install the battery.