How to care for a car to make it durable and long lasting

Various steps and ways to care for the car certainly need to be a focal point for the owner.

It can't be separated from remembering that attention to the car is an important part to maintain performance and also some aspects and components that exist in this four-wheeled vehicle.

One of them is by carrying out periodic maintenance and replacement of spare parts if it is deemed necessary to replace certain components.

In addition, you also have to take some maintenance steps so that the car lasts. Among them by avoiding some things that are often overlooked by many car owners.

So that the car lasts

Which if you ignore it will have a bad impact on the condition of the car you have.

Therefore, it is highly recommended not to neglect some of these important aspects to maintain the durability of your own car.

Well, in this article Mas Sena will provide various things that you should not ignore in the slightest in keeping the car durable and not easily damaged later.

Negligence That Causes Cars to Damage Fast

There are several important aspects that you must avoid to maintain the performance or condition of the car so that it does not get damaged quickly. Here are the things you need to avoid.

Car maintenance

Often Ignore Car Light Indicators

Each car is equipped with various indicator lights to provide information about the condition of the car to the driver.

There are various indicators, each of which is a connected signal as a warning, ranging from engine, fuel, to safety.

If you look at some of the things shown by the indicator lights, of course the car will be damaged quickly.

For example, the fuel indicator light has reached the threshold so you need to fill it up immediately.

Or, the indicator light on the car battery which is a signal about the current condition of the car battery.

All indicator lights on the panel meter are indeed presented by the manufacturer to make it easier for you to recognize the condition of your car so that checking can be done more easily.

Late Fluid Change

Like motorcycles, of course, cars also need components in the form of fluids. For example radiator fluid.

As we know that the function of the radiator is also important in maintaining the temperature in the car.


This of course cannot be separated from the conditions of movement in the car which have the potential to cause an increase in temperature which will eventually cause overheating conditions.

Therefore, it is highly recommended not to be late in changing the radiator fluid. remember, the fluid here has a very important role in ensuring the performance of the car itself.

Thus, steps such as not being late in changing the radiator fluid are routine maintenance steps that need to be considered by the owner.