5 Ways to Fix a Damaged and Unreadable SD Card

Have you ever experienced smartphone users who experienced the SD card installed in the device suddenly being damaged and unreadable until the data on it became corrupted?

Besides being annoying, this problem can also be very detrimental, especially if the data stored on the smartphone is important data, such as college assignments or work.

Well, for those of you who are having a similar problem, don't worry. Actually, how to fix a corrupt and unreadable SD card like that is very easy. Here Teknologi.id summarizes several ways to repair a damaged and unreadable SD Card, so that it returns to normal, both the SD Card and the data in it.

How to Fix a Corrupt and Unreadable SD Card

1. Clean SD Card

If the memory card is unreadable or detected when inserted into the smartphone, the first step on how to fix a damaged SD card you can do is to clean the available connectors.

This way you can repair a corrupted SD card without needing to format it. For the full method, do the following:

Remove the SD card from your smartphone device, or it can be from a camera or action cam device.

Then clean the copper plate (yellowish color) which serves as a connector with an eraser. Rub gently until it feels clean.

If so, insert it back into the gadget and make sure the damaged SD card can be read or not.

2. Try SD Card on Another Smartphone

The easiest way to fix a corrupted SD card is to try the SD card on another smartphone. This of course can detect whether the damage did occur on your SD card or on the smartphone memory slot.

All you have to do is insert the SD card that has been removed from the device and insert it into another Android smartphone. Check if the SD card can be detected and can work properly or not.

If it still doesn't work, then you can move on to the next way to fix a corrupted SD card below.

3. Check for Errors Via PC/Laptop

The next way, you can do an error check via a PC or laptop, to see if your SD card has a problem or not.

You can also do this trick if the SD card cannot be formatted. Here are the steps:

First, insert the SD card into the smartphone and connect it to a PC/laptop using a data cable.

If already connected, change the mode from Media transfer mode (MTP) to Mass storage mode (MSC).

Then you just open Explorer (Windows + E) then right click on the SD card drive. Select the Properties menu > Tools > Error Checking and wait for the process to complete.

Do Eject after the process is complete and check whether the SD card is back to normal or not.

4. Format Via Android Phone

If you start to despair and don't really care about the data stored on it, you can immediately format the SD card so that it returns to normal and can be used again.

The first and certainly the easiest way is to format via an Android smartphone directly without the need to use additional applications.

Then, what are the steps to repair a damaged SD card using this method?

Make sure the SD card is connected to the Android smartphone you are using. Then go to Settings > Storage > Portable storage and select your SD card drive.

Select menu Storage settings > Format > Erase & format. Wait for the process to complete and select Done.

Lastly, you just need to check if the SD card has been formatted and is back to normal.

5. Format Via PC/Laptop

Broken SD card still error even though it's been formatted on Android? You can format the SD card via PC/laptop for more perfect results. Here's how:

Connect the SD card using a card reader and wait for it to connect. If there is still data left, you can back it up first to a PC/laptop.

Then open Explorer (Windows + E) then select on SD card drive. Right click and select Format

Perform the SD card format step and wait for the process to complete. If you have returned the data to the SD card and make sure it can be used or not.