How to test your internet speed

Test your internet speed - Nowadays it has become a mandatory requirement for everyone. Even the day will feel less if we do not have internet access. One of the things we often complain about when using the internet is slow access.

How to test your internet speed

If you don't know it already, the article below will break it down for you.

How to test internet internet speed

When you are busy working, video calling, joining web binners, or also selling online suddenly the internet feels slow, surely you have experienced this one?

Actually there are several factors that cause the internet to feel slow. This could be due to signal strength, or it could be due to DSN issues. To find out the cause, you need to do an internet speed test.

Well, actually at this time how to test internet speed is not difficult, now there are many sites and applications that we can download to test how fast our internet quality is. Here are some sites you can try to test your slow internet speed. This site or app will show you how fast your internet is in real time with accurate results.

Site to test your internet speed

1. Google Internet Speed ​​Test

The first way to test internet speed is to use one of Google's products namely Google Internet Speed ​​Test. To test internet speed with Google, you can also do it via smartphone.

If you want to give it a try, the first step you need to do is type in the Google search field “Internet Speed ​​Test”. Automatically, Google will display a system to perform an internet speed test.

Then click the “Run Speed ​​Test” tab to start testing the internet speed. You need to wait for this process a few minutes until the system detects your internet speed. Detection will be carried out starting from upload speed, download speed, to network latency.

After the system detects the whole, then Google Internet Speed ​​Test will provide a summary of your internet speed. For example, if you find that your internet network is slow, Google will tell you that you can still browse, but that the photo or video will load very slowly.

2. Speedtest.net

Apart from using Google Internet Speed ​​Test, another internet test method you can try is speedtest.net. The speedtest net website itself has an attractive interactive display so you don't need to be afraid of difficulties when you want to access it. How to test it is also easy, you just need to click the Go button in the middle of the page.

It doesn't take long to see the results, in seconds you can immediately see the results. Speedtest.net will show data information about upload speed, download speed. And besides, you will also be shown information about your internet network PING.

You can get all this information for free. But, to make speed test results more accurate, make sure you don't go to other sites.

3. Fast.com

This site allows you to test internet speed via PC or smartphone. Apart from that, Fast.com has a simple interface.

However, unlike Speedtest.net which provides complete speed data information, Fast.com will only display internet speed, without displaying download and upload speeds.

4. OpenSpeedTest

This internet speed test site is based on HTML5 which is able to show the most accurate internet speed. OpenSpeedTest will also display information from the PING/ Jitter data. Best of all, this site is designed to test all types of internet connections, from 1 Kbps to 1 Gbps and is also made to find out how stable your internet is.

5. TestMy.net

On this site, there are 5 parameters to know your internet speed. download, upload, merge, latency and auto. If you select the automatic parameter option, then you can find out the internet bandwidth that we have.

You can also test network speed at specific time intervals, from every five minutes to once every twenty-four hours. You can also specify the number of times the speed test is performed.

How internet speed test works

We've covered how to test internet speed, and in our discussion we covered some of the data information it displays. Maybe you are still confused, what is the meaning of the data information and why it can affect our internet speed.

For that, let's discuss below.

1. PING or Jitter

The number that will appear in the internet speed test indicates the lag time it takes to send and receive a one-time response. The lower the number, the better the connection. This test is done by measuring the time it takes the server to reply to the request. This test needs to be done several times, and the lowest value is the final result.

2. Download speed

The information you will get when testing internet speed is download speed. This information shows how long it takes the device to receive data.

3. Upload speed

In contrast to download, upload speed is the speed we order for how fast the data is downloaded.

That's the speed test method that you can try to find out why the internet you are using is slow. Good luck!