4 How to Manage The Money Wisely

Poor financial management will make a person end up with the wrong finances.

4 How to Manage The Money Wisely

You need to make changes and follow the steps of the repair process. Follow the 4 tips below to make it easier for you to manage your finances.

How to better manage money

1. Make Small Savings

Budgeting and saving is not about putting large sums of money into savings all at once. If you force yourself to do it right away, it often leads to failure and ultimately makes you feel guilty.

Start first by saving a little money and something you're sure won't be difficult to manage. Over time, the small amount you save will add up as your income changes.

2. Don't Forget to Include Entertainment Budget

A financial budget does not only contain several categories that must be issued each month, such as food, rent, utilities, and so on.

It never hurts to include an entertainment budget every month, such as for coffee, going to the movies, or buying clothes. The important thing to note is to make sure you divide it in a fair and balanced amount.

Don't spend all your income just for entertainment and fun. As a first step, you can set aside 10% of your salary as an entertainment budget.

3. Prioritize Fixed Costs

Electricity bills, house rent, car payments, and food are some examples of expenses that must be incurred each month.

When you are late or late in paying these costs, usually there will be additional burdens that arise and this will further burden the household financial budget.

Therefore, you should prioritize this budget first and make sure all expenses are paid in advance each month. If possible, you can make payments automatically to reduce the possibility of late payments.

4. All Processes Take Time

When it comes to making positive changes to their financial situation, everyone takes time and there are bound to be obstacles in the process. Therefore, when there are problems in the financial management process, you must remember that this is very natural.

If you know that it's part of the journey, chances are you won't back down and give up. When obstacles are in sight and hinder the journey, you just have to get up and stick to the original plan.

Start Investing with Small Capital

In managing finances, you also need to set aside some of your income to put into investments and savings. Through investment, the funds owned can grow in value in the future.


Financial management is a process that is carried out in stages and cannot be done all at once. Therefore, any mistakes at the beginning of managing finances are natural and nothing to worry about.