4 Free speed test internet connection sites

There are times when accessing social media suddenly the internet speed slows down. For example, loading website pages takes longer or streaming videos that continue to buffer, this of course makes activities disrupted.

4 Free speed test internet connection sites

Maybe, it's time to check your internet speed. Currently, there are many free sites that can be used to check internet speed.

Here is a site for free internet connection speed test

1. Ookla Speed ​​Test

More than 10 million people access Ookla Speedtest every day. On this site, you can see the download and upload speeds in Mpbs as well as what network provider server you are using. You can also create an account to compare how fast your internet is running over time.

2. SpeedSmart

SpeedSmart is also a free internet speed test site that can be accessed via a smartphone or mobile device. This site is also rated faster to display accurate results because it is made using HTML5, not Flash or Java.

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3. V-SPEED Test Speed

If you are looking for an internet speed test site that can be tailored to your needs, V-SPEED could be your choice. This cloud-managed test can be used to measure bandwidth, test statistical databases, perform advanced VoIP testing, and more.

4. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is also one of the sites to find out your internet speed. How to use it is also quite easy, just click start, wait a few moments, then the results can be displayed on the screen of your device.

Those are some free sites that are useful for checking internet speed on a smartphone or computer. When your internet slows down, try some tips to speed it up, such as blocking ads, using a different browser, installing an antivirus, clearing the browser cache, or resetting the router.